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[fic] The Pop Is Dead; Long Live The Superflat
ezyls_girl wrote in deidara_un
titled The Pop Is Dead; Long Live The Superflat
Deidara/whore, whore/Deidara, no joke. Some implied ItaDei, as well. Oh and remember Kurotsuchi? Yeah, that pretty little thing who went along with the Tsuchikage to the summit. She's in here, too.
Extensive abuse of the fuck word, switch-frames, Victor Hugo, an unexpectedly perverted Uchiha Itachi, psychological constructs, puke, romantic lingo. Shitty prose. Oh and never mind that he's young; we all whore for him anyway. 5010 words.
pg-15, borderline r for nondescrit. I'm going soft. n__n

: But if it burns, he's a pyromaniac.

Triggered the memories when she'd gotten a glimpse of the timid little bluebird in his palm; )

Oh, and a public service announcement.



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