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lulz with the voices again
Dr. Doom→TOOT!
setsunakutemo wrote in deidara_un
Hullo all. You may or may not remember me being the big geek over voices, but that's okay. ^ ^;

So, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 has recently been released. (This is the same as Naruto Shippuuden Acel.) Of course i have bought it but, but i was curious to know if any of my fellow Deidara-fans have also obtained this game. And if so...

Am i the only one who despises what Roger C. Smith has done to Deidara? .__.;

i'm working on ripping sound files from my game but my laptop is lame, so i'll be searching around video sites for any snipets of his voice to share. You can also hear it on the official Ultimate Ninja 4 website briefly.

i really wish they would have just left Quinton Flynn to keep voicing him. i think it he would have done a much better job.

Edit1: oh haha, forgot to mention this. For anyone who doesn't have it/already has the Japanese version, and like me, are getting this strictly to hear the new English voices, there is a new nifty little feature that has been added. You can switch their voices back to Japanese if you wish, so spare yourself to horrid sounds of the casts' American dubs(though, i do admit, not all are terrible. but the bad seriously outweighs the good). It's under Chiyo(Options), then under Music Settings. This new little feature is a godsend. Now, if you can't understand Japanese, you can play and actually understand what you're doing. Cheers!

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Yeah when I first heard it I was like
But he might be playing the real Sasori (its going to be a popular VA doing it, so its either him or Aaron Diasuke probably)

I'd love to buy the game just to listen to the voices. *Ps2 stopped working over a year ago but would like it to work again*

"Art is a flash of beauty!" LULZ.

XD He sounds way more grown up than I would have cast him, I think. At least he doesn't sound like a flaming homo though (XD I was worried about that.)

(and yes yes yes to the Aaron or Vic for Sasori plz. *waves Sasori fangirl flag*)

He sounds like Darien from Sailor Moon. D: I mean I guess I can get used to it [although I agree, Quinton Flynn did a MUCH better job @_@] but. . . but. D:

I also don't like how they made his 'My art is a BANG' into 'MY ART IS AN EXPLOOOSSSIIOONNNNNNdur' without the dur. D: Ugh. Wrrry. . . .

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