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[FANART] + Delurking with a doodle dump~
Roxis - silhouette

: Doode dump~
Artist: Akio // Me
Characters/Pairings: Deidara, Sasori, America, Japan, Greece, S. Italy, Chibi, (SasoDei)
Rating: Whatever rating that means "completely safe"
Warnings: ...lack of shading?
Summary: Okay, so spending a week with access to practically no form of entertainment other than my ProMarkers will apparently make me actually use my ProMarkers. Despite how badly I suck with them.

(The cut is a lie!)

I sure hope I did this right.
X-posted to the whole internet, I swear.

A quick sketch from me, I suppose.
I don't know anyone here yet, but I hope to change that soon :3

I'll hurry along with my entry though~
I hope you'll like this small sketchy ^^


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Hi guys, I felt like drawing Deidara tonight and it turned into a huge sketchspam.

lots of Deidara sketches on one page and a colored faceCollapse )

An awesome sale that is sure to delight Dediara fans.
【STAR TREK】 ► Chekov [03]
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Hello, my fellow Deidara fans! I'm just posting here to give you guys a heads up about my sale over at my LJ. I'm selling many doujinshi and items relating to Deidara. I hope you find something that you like. Please click the above link to check them out!

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Fanfiction - Suicide Doll
flower [stock]
A story in which the author shamelessly abuses Kishimoto's characters... [[Unbeta-ed]]

Title: Suicide Doll
Author: Passivesky
Rating: T
Fandom/Characters: Naruto / Deidara, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten
Dedication: To those who may follow me down this new road.
Summary: It began in April; it would end in May. Tenten sees with their hands, Neji hunts for what he has lost, and Deidara simply moves with the seasons.

(Three is a Crowd)

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Vibrant [colours & imagination.]

Title: Afterimage.
Author: alory_shannon
Genre: Gen.
Rating: T.
Pairing: None.
Characters Featured: Deidara. Sasori, after a fashion. Mentions of Sakura.
Summary: One-shot drabble. Deidara goes to pay his final respects to Sasori. Strange how it comes out sounding more like “I told you so.”

"Sleep When You're Dead, Part One."
Vibrant [colours & imagination.]
Title: Sleep When You're Dead, Part One.
Author: alory_shannon
Genre: Gen, drabble.
Rating: T.
Pairing: None.
Featured Characters: Deidara, Tobi, Sasori.
Summary: Sleep is not always a comfort, and some arguments can reach beyond the grave. An exploration of three artists, primarily focusing on Deidara. Part one of two.

Cut is fake; link is cross-posted to my personal LJ.

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AU Naruto RP that takes place in the adult movie industry. We're seeking lots of creative and open-minded RPers. Many Akatsuki positions open! Kisame, Deidara, Hidan, and Zetsu are free!Collapse )

Sasori + Deidara AU.
Vibrant [colours & imagination.]

Title: The APL Project: iii. text & terms. three strikes, the third degree.
Author: alory_shannon
Genre: Gen/Crack
Rating: PG
Pairing: None. 'Tis genfic!
Summary: Library!AU. Deidara is annoying. Sasori does not appreciate this. And I am a geek for writing library fic. XD But I'm not sorry.

Cut is fake; link is cross-posted to inkspatters and my personal LJ.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


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